Leah Falk's Book of Questions premiers 12/20

December 7, 2015

The recipient of our Small Grants Fund in 2014, Leah Falk is debuting the resulting project, Book of Questions, at the Museum at Eldridge Street. 

Book of Questions is a song cycle inspired by ethnographer and playwright S. Ansky’s classic study of Jewish life in the Pale of Settlement in the early 20th century. Composer Joshua Morris has set to music librettist Leah Falk’s adaptation of An-sky’s original questions, spoken by an An-sky like ethnographer character and a “child ethnographer” who embellishes and alters them. This new work, “Book of Questions,” will be performed by Jonathan Estabrooks (baritone), Meg Dudley (soprano), Martha Cargo (flute), Stuart Breczinski (oboe), and Hannah Levinson (viola). This piece explores the search for two versions of lost Jewish communal life: one partly recoverable through research and one that remains hidden, accessible only through imagination and story.

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