Hili Greenfeld's The Persian Princess

August 18, 2016

Hili Greenfeld reflects on her solo show The Persian Princess: 

“For this exhibition, I’ve been living in Jerusalem for the past three weeks and built the show on site, letting the space influence my artistic decisions. I entered the space while there was another solo show (Vered Hadad's) and gradually took it down and created mine. Being in this space was very different from other exhibitions that I have done. This is an art space that is inside a residential building in the center of Jerusalem. I was one of the founders of this place in 2007, and am well acquainted with it. After almost 10 years of being involved with the location, I am exhibiting for the very first time as a solo show.I came with a plan, with materials, and a concept but I let the environment create the connections.  
The name of the exhibition, The Persian Princess, refers to a story about a mummy discovered in Pakistan which was thought to be of The Persian Princess, 6th century BC, Rodogon, daughter of King Xeroxes I of Persia.
This Princess was actually the great grand daughter of Cyrus (Koresh in Hebrew - the name of the Gallery). During these weeks I worked in the place and created paintings suited for the walls and floors. These paintings are a hybrid of graffiti, Persian carpets and abstract lyric paintings. It connects to my interest in archaeological forgery and of rituals around death. For me, imitating a Persian carpet on synthetic grass in a graffiti technique let me approach this subject on the one hand in a 'light way' but on the other hand in a serious attempt to create conversation about this forgery and this murder victim."

The Persian Princess runs August 18th until September 5th, 2016 at Koresh Gallery in Jerusalem, Israel. 

For more details about the show click here.




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